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Oh great, how long has this been an issue? Seems that my latest pair of jeans has split apart from alongside the zipper and partway down the inseam of one leg. Durn it! It's hard enough finding any sorts of clothes in my size, and in September when I bought three pairs of jeans, I was disappointed that the otherwise most excellent Roger's Big & Tall store in Grand Rapids MI can no longer get large sizes of Levis or even Lee jeans. Clearly this replacement brand is not acceptable.

Memo to self: Better go and get some more jeans before the others in this batch go and the really old ones get too thin to wear.

Damn. I hate shopping.


On the drive in to Kalamazoo this morning, news radio WOOD-AM was reporting that with Spring Break in the public schools, that traffic at Grand Rapid's Gerald R. Ford International Airport (GRR) would be much heavier by at least a thousand people a day and to allow at least 90 minutes before boarding to wend one's way through security. Oh, and the peak day was going to be Wednesday.

Today is Wednesday.

Since we don't have kids in school, and our respective universities had Spring Break back in the first full week of March, this wasn't exactly on our radar. Wouldn't be a problem, except on the way towards K-zoo this morning, I had just dropped off Mrs. Dr. Phil on her way to Baltimore for the ACRL conference. At 6:45 am, I had to leave her standing in line for the curbside check-in with a couple of other people.

It would've been NICE to have this little bit of travel information BEFORE we headed to the airport. I hope Mrs. Dr. Phil got through everything safely -- I'm just sorry we got blindsided by this.

Memo to WOOD-AM: Not everyone is in touch with the school calendars.


Finally, this little bit of silliness via John Scalzi's AOL blog By The Way -- it's a "test" to see whether you should vote or whether you would better serve the country by staying home. OK, that's humorous, but I really am against disenfranchising people -- even stupid people.

I will admit that of the 50-some questions, they're all a face and their job title, there were a couple I used process of elimination to get the name, but then for that name I did know the job title. And success was mine:

You scored 350 out of 350 possible points, or 100.00%


Not only should you vote, you should consider a career in politics.

But this is more of a fun ID quiz than a test to determine who should or should not vote.

Memo to Don't You should put a timer on each question and use the rapidity of response to identify who REALLY knows who these people are, who has to THINK about it and work it out, and who might be CHEATING by firing up a second browser window and Googling for answers.

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