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The Frailty of Hours


The title to this posting comes from a short story of mine currently making the rejection rounds. The relief in the post comes from surviving the last couple of days. Stuff bunches up from time to time -- and having enough time seems to be the trouble. (grin)

A Shortage of Hours

Yesterday I was running rather ragged. It began with stopping at GRR to drop off Mrs. Dr. Phil to the care and transportation of Northwest Airlines as mentioned yesterday. No... it began the night before when the temps soared back up to 77degF again, which of course we're not yet used to, so it felt HOT. As a result the house was too warm on Tuesday night and getting to sleep wasn't easy. We'd love it if we could keep the bedroom at 55degF all year round for sleeping, but alas, there's no point in trying to maintain such coolth come spring and summer. Meanwhile it is too early to do a wholesale changeover to the lighter spring and summer quilts and blankets -- so there was too much blankets and with the rain forecast, the windows were shut down, and so there was too little air moving. Ugh.

Despite running a bit short on my sleep time, we did get out of the house around 6:01am and approximately made my estimated 6:40am arrival at GRR. I had fortunately planned on making it to my unfortunate 8am class in the nick of time, so I didn't have to make it to my office first. But my discussion of heat engines bloviated just a tad too long, and so I missed the time to stop class and give Quiz 16 in-class instead of the more usual take-home. That punted Q16 to today, Thursday.

Wednesdays I can leave early. Except I couldn't. All faculty and staff were required to view a seven-minute video on the proper technique of answering a telephone -- and despite REALLY wanting to take a two-hour nap at home, I sat around here for two hours more and watched the video with the rest of the faculty. No telling how difficult it might've been to arrange to see it and sign the piece of paper saying I'd seen it, if I tried to punt this task. So at least it was another checkbox taken care of.

What A Difference A Day Makes

With cooler spring weather more sensibly in the night, sleep went a lot easier. And my Thursday lab class went a lot better than I'd expected it would go after the slow slogging progress we made on Tuesday, so overall things were looking up.

And yes, my 8am class got their in-class quiz after all. Then I demonstrated single pulse, transverse and longitudinal waves on a giant Slinky.

One Hour

Another passing trial -- my 9 o'clock hour this morning looked to be rather overbooked. I had one student coming in to make up a test. I had to finish grading the non-make-up tests to turn back at 10am. And at 8am I had a student desperate for some office hours at 9.

And then there was a message light on my phone -- and who knows what that might bring? Actually, I'll never know. There was about 1.7 seconds of very faint, indistinct voice, completely unintelligible. Apparently the caller hadn't seen the video on proper telephone technique. A couple of times now I've had some caller leave a message with some song clip or another, this might've been the same thing. Have no idea if this is a student, past or present, gruntled or disgruntled. Or someone who thinks they are leaving a clever message for that "other" Dr. Phil -- the one on T.V. Yes, I get his messages, too.

The person who needed to take the test showed up. The grading of the tests went very cleanly. And the person who needed help was easily helped. All in all, a productive hour and a day which has gone much better than I thought it would. Even the rockets we shot off in lab at 11am flew as advertised. (grin)

Wow. This stuff is fun when it all comes together.

Dr. Phil

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