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March 32nd 2007 News

April Fool's

Downstairs in the kitty room, reading the Sunday paper, I noticed that the two clocks were not reading the same time. The newer unit was a Timex clock radio bought to take to the 2004 Clarion workship. It "knows" about Daylight Savings Time, but it didn't get the memo on DST 2007, so I had to reset it. Thank you Congress.

Now how many of you had a little April Fool's Day surprise lurking on your timepieces and computers?

April Fudge

I'd just sat down at my XP laptop to do this Internet check and had turned on the TV to The Weather Channel. While there was some sun outside, the forecast has been for rain. The radar showed a big band of rain running across Lake Michigan. Hell, shut the computer down -- I have a run to the grocery store to fit in, grab some bananas and milk, and there's no point doing it in driving rain with wind gusts up to 50mph. So even as I headed out the door, I abandoned a plan to take a couple of bags of cans and bottles to feed through the Michigan bottle return machines. Good choice, it turned out, as three of the machines were down and there was a line of people waiting. I hate lines, I hate waiting. Who's the April Fool now? (grin)

April Fuels

Somehow yesterday I managed to get gas at a "reasonable" price out by US-31. Just a few miles south in Holland, gas was running 22 cents higher -- premium bumping up near the $3 a gallon mark again -- and this afternoon in Allendale, 12 cents higher. So my good fortune is tempered by great uncertainty, as gas prices have been ping-ponging for the last week.

Sigh. I knew this latest surge was going to happen. In midweek, we simultaneously had a newspaper article talking about gas prices for the local schools' Spring Break and where the prices rose and dipped between Michigan and Florida. Then there was the line about no particular reason for gas prices to fluctuate during Spring Break. Right. This was the same day when crude oil futures suddenly spiked up, on false word that Britain was engaged in some sort of action to recover their sailors taken by Iran. On Friday, Dallas stockbroker David Johnson on NPR's Market Watch program suggested that the market was skittish enough that $100/barrel oil could happen in a heartbeat. NO! Don't say that! It's like the Twilight Zone episode with the little boy -- whatever new thing he read about, it would happen. And he'd just read about stars going nova...

Drums of oil. Drums of war. Whatcha gonna do about it? Not much I can do about it, except write some more science fiction, I suppose.

Dr. Phil

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