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One Last Look At April First

Alas, It's Sunday

It wouldn't be an April Fool's Day without checking out fake news stories, and for those interested in fantasy and SF writers and writing, that brings us to the annual Locus Online April 1st news stories. With AFD falling on a Sunday, I'm not sure when these were posted, because I did look on AFD and the webpage hadn't been updated since AFD Eve.

However, without further ado who have this year's entrants and links:

Sunday 1 April 2007
• Feature Stories:

Neil Gaiman One Step Closer to Sainthood

The Roman Curia has completed the beatification of Neil Gaiman, reports L. Ron Creepweans.

Excellence in SF Awards to be Honored

The Organization of Award Recognition has announced the establishment of the Dimension Award, a prize for excellence in science fiction and fantasy awards, reports Marshal Gegith.

Re-Creative Makes Genre Writers Useful

Buffo Tuelth explains how Re-Creative, Inc. helps writers from Howard Waldrop to Gene Wolfe be productive and earn cash while writing.

K.J. Anderson's Hostile Bid

Veteran Locus Online reporter Paoli du Flippi explains Kevin J. Anderson's bid to take over Larry Niven's Known Space franchise.

Rejection Makes Writers Sexier

Rejection slips stimulate libido, according to nine-year study jointly funded by the Institute for the Study of Sexual Behavior and the Science Fiction Writers of America, reports C.J. Klempest.

News Roundup

Also in the news today: an ultimate Year's Best Anthology, Anna Nicole Smith, Judith Regan's new position at Tor Books, and Sci Fi Channel's real stargate.

Thank you, Locus Online! See ya next year!

Dr. Phil

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