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Rough Weather

The Usual Disclaimer

I like cold weather. I like Winter. I like Fall. (I like Autumn more -- it sounds cooler.) I like those early days of Spring when it is not too hot, but it's not trying to be Late Winter, either. So a sudden more-than-30-degree-F drop in temperature from Tuesday to Wednesday isn't really such a big deal. Except for the wind.

The forecast on The Weather Channel last night included a High Wind Advisory from 1am to 6pm on Wednesday. Sure enough, the house shook from the first big gust right at 1:06am EDT. I expect similar promptness during my drive home whereupon the winds shall die down and remain calm right in the middle of the trek.

An Only Semi-Productive Day

Right now the wind is howling -- in my office. Or maybe shrieking is a better descriptor. Either way, the window frames which were actually worked on during the Great Asbestos Renovation project of 2000 have always had drafts. Perhaps this is why I have the pile of boxes insulating the place. Alas, that isn't sufficient when the winds howl. And thanks to Mr. Bernoulli, the winds are driving the outside door to the stairwell to be pushed open due to pressure differentials (Note to my PHYS-1070 students taking Exam 3 tomorrow morning at 8am -- you DO understand the principle at work here, don't you?) which causes the door to the stairwell outside my office to open and close and slam and bang at whim.

I have a 4pm textbook committee meeting, so I can't go home as per my usual schedule and take a nap, so I wrapped myself in my WMU woven blanket and shut my eyes for a while, but it was too cold. Added on the heavy blue parka and that was better. Right now I'm typing with a lap blanket. My left shoulder, closest to the windows, is cold. Don't quite need the fingerless gloves to complete the Bob Cratchit picture, but you get the idea.

Because I had all day here, I'd planned to do some work here and spread out in the conference room next door. But the conference room is a notorious drafty site, which gets cold if you shut the doors and even colder if you leave them open. So I shall likely farble around and push onward as much as I can -- it's too cold to work and the wind noises and door banging is very distracting.


I'm sure I had something else to say, but it's gone for the moment. If I remember it, I'll add it later.

Dr. Phil

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