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I Still Get His Mail

Periodically I check Google to see where I am. I just searched "Dr. Phil" and FINALLY the Dr. Phil Homepage at WMU now shows up in the middle of Page 8. You have to go through quite a number of Dr. Phil's, including that TV guy, in order to get to me. Of course, if you Google "Dr. Phil homepage", I'm the third entry.


This is why I do get the Other Dr. Phil's mail... and e-mail... and phone calls...

Somedays I Still Can't Believe It

How can someone write out my FULL name, with nary a McGraw in it, and my FULL academic address, with nary a taste of either Hollywood or Texas in Kalamazoo MI, and how can anyone equation PHYSICS with PSYCHOLOGY... all carefully filled out in block letters -- only to be writing a letter to someone completely other than the one listed in the address!

Big Sigh

Google "Dr. Phil address" and the third entry reads, in part:

Dr. Phil's Mailing Address
I am NOT the "other" Dr. Phil -- Dr. Phil McGraw -- who has the TV show. Please do NOT mail or call me with your problems! ...

And STILL people send me things for that Other Dr. Phil.

Dr. Phil

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