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The Great Nor'easter Wintry Crud of the Ides of April scooched along a diagonal across the southern edge of Michigan, but avoided us in West Michigan. That's a surprise. My sympathies to Philadelphia, New York and environs north and south of those fine states. Boston Marathon anyone?

I'm An Idiot

... for uttering the immortal words this weekend "at least I didn't get your cold" to Mrs. Dr. Phil. Last night I didn't sleep well as my sinuses blurped around -- finally got out of bed at 3:30am and spent the last 90 minutes of my bedtime bundled up in an upright recliner chair. Where I managed to doze, but I gotta get out of here and take a nap at home. Running slow all day, dang it. Actually had the computer shutdown before I realized I had to update my classes webpages. Sigh. And then I had to check some stuff here, so I might as well post here.

The Perfect Shoot

Switched to a different LJ icon today because I tried posting the pic to a comment on Scalzi's blog, the Whatever, but the pic didn't come up. So if Visitor Jim should come back here, this is my favorite Kate Winslet picture, from a photo shoot I refer to as The Perfect Shoot. (sigh)

I Won?

Not only cannot I root for teams, I never (very very rarely) win anything. So imagine my surprise earlier this afternoon to get an e-mail from my graduate school, Michigan Technological University. Seems that having attended some West Michigan MTU Alumni events in the past year, I've won a half-dozen pasties from Pasty Central in Calumet MI. Woo-hoo! And before the snide remarks start, click on the link above to find out that a pasty is a Cornish meat pastry and a staple of the miners' diet in the U.P. and has NOTHING to do with the other kind of pasties.

Okay, so something good happened today. Can I go home now? Wait, I'm a part-timer and I've been here all day and my office hours ended two hours ago. Yes, I can go home. After I make some copies.

Sigh. Just this week left to the bloody 8 o'clock class and the 5am wakeup...

Dr. Phil

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