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Past Love

Longtime readers of this blog -- all both of you -- will recall that I stumbled onto the artistic genius of Klio meritahut via 2004 Clarion classmate slithytove. Since then, Klio has embarked on quite the epic comic, SPQR Blues, a swords & sandals Roman epic, taking place in the sleepy little mountainside/mountain-near city of Herculaneum somewhere around, oh, 79 AD...

Mountain? Uh, exactly which mountain would that be? Say, what year was that? (Ooops)

New Swoon

The Physics/Computer/SF&F Geek that I am, however, is totally delighted to discover XKCD. The artwork is tres subtle -- stick figures lovingly drawn -- but to truly appreciate it, you need to mouse-over the comic and read the HTML TITLE tags. (NOTE: There's a bug in Firefox which prevents you from seeing all of some TITLE tags.) Wikipedia has a nice entry.

I think I've seen this guy's work before, but a bit of dust up over on Scalzi's blog deep in the comments about centripetal versus centrifugal started by yours truly, included this fine comic reference.


(And there still is no such thing as a centrifugal force.) (*raspberries*)

Dr. Phil

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