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It's Over

Done With Final Exams

Well, not really done with them. At least one student will be by tomorrow to make up the final. For people who end with 3 or more Finals in one day, the university lets them move one to a less crowded day. But... the actual two hour, 10:15am-12:15pm, sitting them down and giving them the final -- that part of it's over.

Someone else might've used those two hours to grade some of Monday's exams. But it's hard to change gears and deal with questions and the slow irregular heartbeat of students surging forward to the front desk to turn in their papers. Easier to work on other diversions. And just as well. The third exam was delayed in being returned because my grader had to leave the country for a week to deal with a family emergency. Turns out now that my solution key had an error in the multiple guess section. The right answer was underlined, but the wrong bubble was indicated. Sigh. Just spent an hour adding 5000 points to the raw score of the spreadsheet, then updating the online grades and marking up the PDF file of the X3 Solution.

"All too easy." -- Darth Vader

I remind students not to be concerned with what other people are doing. Someone who finishes early is either a zoomer or they've already flunked the class and are just going through the motions. Still, a number of students were weirded out by the person who finished the final in twenty-five minutes. Hey, you got two hours and time is not being used for evaluation, then take your time.

I require everyone to go through Check-Out at the end. They fill out a form (a clever new addition from a couple of years ago, which counts as the 23rd quiz) and I have time to check to see if they've turned in the two big ticket items, the Science Literacy book report and the Real World of driving work sheets. So much easier to confirm if people do or do not have such things turned in before I have to run around looking to see if there are any papers in the wrong grading piles at the end.

Usually I get a bit of a backclog up at the front desk -- with the form it's a lot less than when Check-Out consisted of "twenty question" orally. But I only had a small handful at the end of the two hours. Don't know if that meant the test was too easy (naw... probably not) or people gave up (don't do that!). We'll see what the raw scores bring.

A Date With A Pillow

I'm one week into this current cold/sinus thingie. I'd been thinking it was different from what Mrs. Dr. Phil had brought back from her Baltimore conference, but there's a component which is mildly intestinal -- prodigious amounts of gas -- so maybe it is the same thing. The big problem I have is that when my head clogs up I have trouble sleeping lying down. Some days I give it a try, and others I go straight to my little cocoon of blankets and quilts to wrap up in while sleeping in an upright recliner. Not the best possible way to get some sleep except it keeps my nasal passages open and not glurping or whistling with each breath and there's less tossing and moving around to disturb the other person in the bed. (grin)

Today there's no other scheduled activities, so I am going to go home early and try to get a solid two hour nap in bed and try to revel in being horizontal without risk of disturbing someone else. Ah...

A Bad Typo?

After a couple of days of gas dropping away from the Three Dollar precipice, gas shut up some fourteen cents a gallon yesterday. Huh? This morning the Allendale Mobil has regular at $2.95.9/gal. The sign, designed to show three sets of prices, only shows regular and midgrade, with the bottom line showing milk. Anyway, midgrade was listed at $3.84.9/gal. Now I have to believe that was supposed to be $3.04.9/gal and someone misread the zero as an eight, because this station usually has a nine cent differential between grades. But 89cents? Gotta be a typo.

But I don't need heart attacks on my drive to work in the morning. (double-clutch-grin)

Dr. Phil

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