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Ran Into This By Accident Friday Night

Bill Moyers interviews John Stewart. The respected PBS journalist has a new job, apparently, called Bill Moyers Journal. Which I found by accident flipping channels during Law & Order -- I'd already seen one show this week where somebody was poisoned by ricin (CSI) and I didn't feel like exceeding that quota for one week. The link above is to the transcripts, which unfortunately don't link to the clips from The Daily Show. However, if you've seen Stewart's show, you'll get the gist of the interview.

Dow-Jones Surge

The Dow-Jones Industrial Average passed the $13,000 mark this week. And for the most part, everyone snored through it. The number has great tradition value -- and no one likes it when it plunges. But everytime it reaches a new n-thousand level, the nay-sayers go on about how the DJIA is overblown, overhyped and out of date.

The real problem is the disconnect between American business in some markets and what most people are experiencing. It sounds like a great deal of the new wealth being generated by the current economic "surge" is going to a small percentage of the population in tax brackets much higher than mine. So taking only a few months to run from 12,000 to 13,000 doesn't translate to Prosperity For All.

Especially When Viewed Through The Michigan Economic Filter

Toyota beats GM worldwide in Q1 sales. Daimler is looking around to maybe dump Chrysler on someone. Comerica Bank has decided to move its concentration from Michigan to Texas -- which has just pissed off all the Tigers' fans because Comerica has the naming rights to the shiny new ballpark. The State budget is a total disaster as the governor and legislature duke it out. Schools and universities brace for more cuts.

Yeah, you're not going to get too much but razzberries from Michigan about a new record Dow-Jones...

Dr. Phil

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