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Fre-eee Birrrrrd!

Done, Done and Done!

Final grades for both classes are done. Websites update. Final exams and Science Literacy Book Reports are boxed up, though I've got some other papers and stuff scattered around -- that, too, needs to be boxed up.

Usually I have enough stuff going on that I do the grading on the desktop. The last few semesters, I've switched to the WinXP laptop to use the DSL connection. This time I was essentially done last night -- I just had to input the last 13 paper grades -- so I did it all on the laptop. Twice I had to pick up the laptop and move it over to the printer, but hey, it's portable. (grin)

Relax, Unwind, Rewind

My own classes end up back-end loaded, so there's usually a bunch of grading backed up right at the end. This time, not so much, because (a) one of my classes was really someone else's and it was taken care of by Friday, (b) this class was smaller and (c) I pushed hard to not get behind in some of the grading. Monday, I resolved all the odd paperwork, except for the last of the papers, and my grader got his last two quizzes posted late last night. Still, it's all a hyper process not helped in the least by getting over this stupid sinus cold.

Went out, grabbed a burger, checked the P.O. Box -- nothin' of interest -- and then took a nap. And now I get back to my "real" life for a couple of days and then Summer classes start up on Monday.

Ye ha!

Dr. Phil

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