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Okay, I've Warned Y'all Before...

Don't Do This!

Two days ago a comment was in the news that gasoline prices would be around $3.50/gal for Memorial Day. One day ago, gasoline reserves were listed as low, but in the words of the gasoline industry, this is nothing to worry about. On the TV news, a majority of people expected gas at $3.50/gal for Memorial Day.

Folks, I've warned you about even breathing about these things, because no one knows why gasoline prices go up (and sometimes down), but saying anything triggers a rise, because...


Today gasoline in Allendale MI jumped thirty cents a gallon to $3.25.9 , $3.34.9 and $3.43.9 a gallon across the three grades. WTF? I'll be paying in excess of $3.50/gal for premium by next week, if not sooner, I'm sure. After all, gas prices mysteriously go up just before the weekend during the summer months...

Sigh. This probably more than wipes out any rewards from my short story sale to ASIM announced earlier. Which won't happen for a year anyway.

What? You guys think I'm writing for free? I'm already teaching Physics essentially for free!

Dr. Phil

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