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The other day I reported on hearing a car crash. Friday night, working on stuff in the middle of the night, I heard a speeding truck on the raceway, er, the road outside our house. Speeding and truck based on the loud exhaust sounds. Another dull "thud", just like the other day, but no real change in engine noise. No tire squeals, no braking sounds. Figured they must've hit something in the road.

The next morning, as we headed out for haircuts, we saw just west of us in front of the neighbors two dead deer. One on each side of the road. The truck I heard was heading east. The far deer was just on the eastbound shoulder. Then a long dark diagonal stain on the road from around the edge of the eastbound lane across to the westbound shoulder. Twenty yards or so between the two deer. I think the truck nailed both of them -- the damned things tend to travel and run across the road in pairs. I'd seen a pair of deer a couple of miles from here a couple of weeks ago. Yeah, like it HAS to be those two. (grin)

Spiderman 3 [PG-13]

Saturday night 7pm showing, Studio 28, Theatre 1 -- the BIG theatre -- maybe not even a hundred in attendance and newly equipped with a Texas Instruments DLP-based digital movie projection system. Oooh, no jiggle. No scratches. Better than ordinary video, that's for damned sure. We'll see after a couple of more movies, but early verdict? Looks good, sounds good.

As for the movie, I have to say that the Spiderman franchise has spent some time keeping Spidey/Peter Parker human. In the first movie, he has to deal with high school. In the second he dealt with becoming different. In the third, things are "going good" -- which just SMELLS trouble.

I'm sure some will complain that at around 2 hours and 15 minutes or so, it's too long. That the opening is too slow. That we don't need to see multiple musical numbers by MJ. That there are too many villains going on here. Hey, if you're worried about that, go see another movie. Spidey has always been about the humanity.

nihilistic_kid Nick Mamatas points out the overuse of lockets and other such items as totems for characters to fixate on. I want to know why the damn thing didn't get turned into sand. And don't tell me it's made of metal, I bet the guy is wearing pants with a metal zipper. Besides, the photo survives intact. Oh wait, we have another impossible and stupid physics research project run awry -- so realistic questions don't matter. Never mind.

Aside from some issues of gravity, the special effects are overall very decent -- I particularly like the Sandman effects. Spiderman 3 has too many Spidermen in it -- two? two-and-a-half? three? -- doesn't matter. It works and there's a number of twisties in the plot to keep it interesting. Harry is clearly the friend from Hell -- you just can't count on him to be constant and reliable. (hee-hee)

Nice opening reprises the story of the first two movies in tiny snatches. Overall, plenty of popcorn fun. Well made.

A fine opening to the Summer of 2007.

New Toy

Grading got in the way, but I recently picked up an 8GB black 2G Apple iPod Nano. Saturday I began to rip some of my CDs, starting with a bunch of my movie soundtracks, plus some Blondie and Quarterflash. 630 MB of compressed files. Slim, dense, black, shiny, color screen. Ooh, and it plays music, too.

I figure it'll be obsolete in six weeks and a bigger model will be out with 16 GB of memory. But I had calculated that the 8GB unit will suffice me for a long time. I'd like to be able to just dump stuff on there and forget it, rather than having to keep loading and unloading things.


After too many days, nay weeks, my sinuses are finally good enough to allow me to sleep a whole night in bed, instead of sleeping upright in a comfy chair.

I made a big batch of spaghetti sauce tonight.


PHYS-1070 begins at Western Michigan University, 2pm EDT sharp, so don't be late. And the grind begins again.

I do so love the sting of battling physics misconceptions, the smell of burnt synapses, the floors and walls damp with the students' sweat from fear... God help me I love it. Me an' George Patton -- two of a kind. (double-assed-grin)

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