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Trailer For The Hollywood Librarian

Courtesy of Mrs. Dr. Phil:

[NOTE: Something squirrelly is going on with LJ this morning -- if both video windows show the same preview pane, then use the links provided to see the other video.]

But Wait, I See Your Hollywood Librarian And Raise You...

... The March of the Librarians.

Are We Stereotyping Just A Wee Little Bit Here?

Going into YouTube is always an experience somewhere between entertainment and slumming. Why, on The March of the Librarians page, does YouTube want to link to Lesbian Party and Drunk Bitches? This is not to say there aren't gay & lesbian librarians, or librarians who drink -- even to excess. But in this intellectual profession, I don't immediately equate one with the other.

Maybe I'm the one who's biased. I've worked in libraries. I'm married to a librarian. I have many librarian friends and acquaintances -- seem even gay & lesbians & drinkers. But have we evolved away from the Shhh-ing librarian-with-a-bun only to cast more stereotypes?


Oh, wait -- it's YouTube. Doesn't mean a damned thing. Right. Okay. Go on with your lives, this rant wasn't about anything.

Dr. Phil

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