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Posted today by 2004 Clarion classmate slithytove John Schoffstall, an alert that his short story "Bullet Dance" appears in the July 2007 issue of Asimov's. We don't know if it's in bookstores yet, but John just got his subscriber copy. And yes, it is not unusual for the July issue to be on sale during May. (grin)

It was a year shy by two days ago that John announced the sale. Let no one say that professional writers are into instant gratification... (double-edged-grin)


Funny Times is a monthly newspaper which is, well, funny. Lots of comics and political cartoons, plus columns and Dave Barry, etc. Like all the fun bits of the second section of The Reader in Chicago but without the Personal ads. Anyway, their website has an "instant cartoon maker", the Funny Times Cartoon Playground. It's all click-and-drag-and-drop, no artistic talent actually required. Requires Flash be installed.

You can see the "first" and so far only cartoon creation of Dr. Phil Physics here. Don't think of it as deep, this was twenty seconds of work and the idea came to me only because these two characters were near each other in the menu.


Speaking of a year ago, it's the first Wednesday day off of the first week of the Summer-I Session at WMU, which must mean it's time for my ex-student to come in and do a shift helping me clean my office. Eep!

Since we just started class, there's been no reason for students to come by for office hours, so the current crop won't appreciate it. But in the process of pulling out many grocery bags of Coke cans & bottles and old papers to be recycled, plus breaking down a dozen plus cardboard boxes which had given their lives up to store said overflow papers after bringing in goodies from, we unearthed:

(1) an office chair, originally provided for students to use, but it eventually got buried with a box containing, among other things, a couple of extra Micron motherboards for dual Pentium Pro processors. This chair was pulled from the office and stuck in the conference room, in order to allow the remaining boxes to be easily stacked out of the "traffic flow" of my office.

(2) a window, which I was surprised to look out of when my ex-student opened the blinds. No! Curses! I'm melting! The blinds got closed to protect the inner mole world I inhabit -- and prevent glare on the computer screen. But I can still reach the blinds control and you can see the window now, which will surprise some of my old students who had no idea it was there.

(3) the second office chair, a much nicer one like the one I'm sitting on, which is for...

(4) the second desk which many students never knew was in the office. There's a spare PC behind some of the remaining boxes, but you can now see the seventy pound 20" IBM monitor... Oh, and the building people will be stunned to discover that the trash can is now fully accessible. Before it was sort of locked in place by the second desk's chair, which couldn't be moved because it was supporting a box leaning at a rather precarious angle.

Anyway, it's stunning. And we only had to work from 11:15 to 2:30, instead of 10 to 3 this time. Someone else might say the place is still too messy, but they don't understand. I had a colleague from the Math department come in, comment on the progress -- and then he had to become the first official guest to use the guest chair. Maybe I'll take a picture and post it.


It's official now, or at least partwise official:

First Quarter 2007 Contest Finalists Announced

The first quarter finalists for what will be published in Writers of the Future Volume 24 were just announced and the names for both the Writers and Illustrators Contests are included. From these names, the 1st quarter winners will be chosen:

WOTF First Quarter 2007 Finalists
Eugene Myers - New York, NY
Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon - Allendale, MI
David Parish-Whittaker - Encinitas, CA
Z.S. Adani - Boca Raton, FL
Laura Bradley Rede - Minneapolis, MN
Ayne Terceira - Gainesville, FL
Patrick Lundrigan - Boonton, NJ
January Mortimer - Middlesex, England

Of course we don't know who the winners are yet, are we to read anything in the order of the names? Or did they order them by story title, which is not in this list? (grin) At any event, as I write this, "The Moons of Mercury" is still in the running for a prize from the Writers of the Future Contest, the eight hundred pound gorilla of SF/F writing contests.

Dr. Phil

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