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E-mail from today. The Kenneth Branaugh "eternity" full-text version of Hamlet (1996) is FINALLY coming out on DVD. Sumptuous sets, ALL of Shakespeare's words, great cast (though most people feel Jack Lemmon is miscast) with the incomparable Kate Winslet as Ophelia and Billy Crystal as the Gravedigger. Plus Charleton Heston as the Player's King and Robin Williams...

Release date is 14 August 2007.

One Down, One to Go

Of the movies which DEMAND to be available in Region 1 DVD, as long as we have this triple-damned Regional encoding crap, Hamlet was one. The other is the Wim Wender's movie Until the End of the World. And I want the FULL LONG version which didn't play in the U.S. -- I am told that it makes even more sense when seen in the long version. Of course it does.

Until the End of the World is one of the great films of all times. Watch it, even in the U.S. version on VHS, and were I to ask you to keep score and tally up who the good guys are and who the bad guys are every ten to fifteen minutes, you'd find yourself with a really complicated flow chart at the end. And that doesn't take into account the MAJOR left turn in the middle of the movie and the MAJOR detour which comprises the last act of the movie. I promise, you will NOT see this coming. And pay attention to everything, because there'll be a quiz on it at the end.

Even if you can't get to the movie and we are cheated out of the DVD, the soundtrack CD is totally awesome. The artists who were invited or volunteered to contribute to Wim Wenders, actually knew what was going on, so the lyrics in the songs by U2, etc. in the sound track are (a) used full-length in the movie and (b) make SENSE with what is going on in the movie. When was the last time you saw that happen? "In a world, where the major soundtrack single turns out to be never shown in the movie but during the closing credits..."

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