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Mystery By The Old Yew Tree Out Back...

meritahut, writer of the swords & sandals web comic SPQR Blues that I've written about several times, has a new short story up on Strange Horizons -- or at least Part I this week and Part II next week. Check out Brownman by C. Scavella Burrell for a good old fashioned Southern ghost story. Carol's got great language in this story and an endearing central character.

"I've seen them," said Uncle. He'd had plenty of chance, delivering flower arrangements and stone slabs and people. "Wanting to follow. They can't, don't worry. The dead stay by their homes. They won't bother you in yours."

This is a fine invitation to the heat of summer -- it's almost too early and too nice in the weather department to peel and eat this story, but you take your lovely stories whenever and wherever you can find them.

Congrats, Carol, you've got me hooked (yet again) until next week!

Dr. Phil

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