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Blast From The Past

Fickle Memory Recall

Sometimes you want to remember something, but you just can't come up with the right word or name. Especially frustrating when it's something that you've done this with before. You'd think repetition would reinforce the memory part instead of the forgetting part. (grin)

So I'm driving along to work today and all of something a TV title came out of the blue. Of course!

The Champions (ITC)

I was sure that I first saw this as a summer replacement series on one of the two Canadian TV networks, CBC and CTV, which we picked up in Medina NY from across Lake Ontario, but the dates weren't right for summer, according to the Wikipedia article...

Anyway, The Champions were a trio of secret agents for a UN group called Nemesis. "During a mission, their plane crashed in the Himalayas and they were rescued by an advanced civilisation (sic) who saved their lives and gave them superhuman powers." What's cool is that the trio, two men and a woman, couldn't really remember what happened to them, but they knew they shared this common experience and had to learn what their superhuman powers were, how to use them and worked like mad to hide to everyone else that they had these powers.


Wonderfully made in the bright, simple style of the late 60s British shows, I remember really liking this show. And just as I was cursing that there was only a Region 2 PAL DVD out there, I found that A&E has a 4-disk Set 1, which must be the first 10-15 episodes of the entire 30-show run. Good enough for me.


Today I brought the new 8GB 2G iPod nano to work -- along with a pair of Sony headphones from one or other Sony CD player I bought. Sound is less harsh and damaging than the ear buds. Mmm... Great Big Sea in concert... Renaissance Live at Carnegie Hall. I skipped over "Scheherazade" to go straight to "Ashes Are Burning" on Disk 2, because the live album was too long to fit on a 90-minute cassette in-the-day, and so I've only ever heard "Scheherazade" once or twice and therefore it's not background music...

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