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Hitchcock's The Bird

Persistent Little Devil, Ain't He?

For three days now we've been "terrorized" by a small bird. It's a sparrow or something -- I'd look it up in our bird book, except I always end up making a positive match between what I'm seeing and a bird which either (a) has a range which doesn't bring it within 3000 miles of Western Michigan or (b) is listed as having been last seen in 1979 and presumed extinct. Ri-ight.

Anyway, "Pesky" has been attacking the sliding doors between the kitchen and the back deck. It sits on the deck's railing, singing "tweet-tweet-tweet" and then slams into the glass and flutters along for a few seconds, then steps back and considers his handiwork. Sometimes Pesky alights on the sliding screen door -- little birds weigh nothing and so far has not damaged the screen -- before resuming the attack.

Seeing a reflection? This started at six in the morning on Friday as the sun was just coming up, and continued with sun, clouds, rain -- I don't think it's a simple reflection. Mrs. Dr. Phil remembered that we had a hawk stick-on decal when we first moved into a house with sliding glass doors, but it's been over a decade since we used it. She found it, put it up... and no difference. Sometimes Pesky looks like he's attacking the hawk image, but he's pretty much equal opportunity over the entire glass surface. And for good measure he sometimes moves ten feet east and pounds on the swing-out kitchen window over the sink.

Cue The Mighty Hunters

The first evening our brave trio of cats -- Bagel, Blue and Sam -- put nose up to screen and watched this performance. Thereafter, every time the bird came back, they'd get excited. They're not very good at hunting, since they're our "hothouse" indoor kitties and their mom was never given a chance to take them outside and teach them the finer techniques of feline ferocity. So watching Sam slinking around the kitchen table, or Bagel hiding behind the inch-and-a-half metal pipe of a chair leg -- and think they can't be seen through a glass window or a screen door... priceless. Standing there going "ick-ick-ick" doesn't help the invisibility quotient either. (grin)

Cue The Mighty Hunter?

So far I've done nothing else overt against our feathered adversary. We both looked outside for any obvious nest location -- can't see one. I've watched Pesky fly away to a pine tree on our back border, but if Pesky is defending his territory, he's got a pretty big definition of territory. Yesterday, when Pesky was sitting on the deck railing and singing, he was joined by a red cardinal and Pesky didn't seem upset by the intruder only eight inches away. Go figure.

It's cooler and wetter and grayer this early afternoon and I'm not hearing any thumping against the sliding doors. Might our nightmare be over? Probably not. And anyway, it's more strange than bad.

For the moment.

Nope, before I even got this entry uploaded, he's ba-ack...

Dr. Phil

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