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The Upset Rhythms

3:02 am

Ah... finally to bed. It's Michigan, so of course the weather is weird. A week ago we baked in 90degF heat. Then it cooled off. Actually had overnight lows down to 41degF, then 37degF. Actually turned the furnace on a couple of mornings -- the cats downstairs in their room were as appreciative of that as cats ever are. (Huh, you again. Feed us.) But on Thursday, we got a blowtorch blast of heat. Back up to 90degF. And since the change was sudden, of course there was high winds.

I don't mind heat when there's a heavy wind. I guess that's 'cause the body's natural cooling mechanisms can actually shed heat into the wind. Otherwise, it just feels neat.

When I got home, the house was still reasonably cool inside. In anticipation of heat and wind, I'd buttoned up all the windows before I drove in to K-zoo in the morning, and that worked pretty well. So I left it all closed and put the Heroic Sears Kenmore compact air conditioner in the bedroom on high, and the ceiling fan in the living room on high, and called it good.

By 2am, we were starting to get the first big gusts of wind as the storms crossed Lake Michigan from Wisconsin. And at 3am, rain and wind slammed against the house -- we were expecting gusts up to 60mph -- and lightning. But it was cool and dry enough in the bedroom to settle down on the futon on the floor and close my eyes.

3:03 am

Power goes out.

The bedroom UPS starts beeping. I shut it down, grab a little LED flashlight from the bathroom. Wander out to the living room to shut off the TV's UPS. Have a sip of water. Note that there are no electric lights visible outside in any direction. Pad back to bed.

With the A.C. off and the windows closed, it is interesting to note between thunder and wind gusts that there's a couple of crickets loudly singing somewhere nearby outside. But it's too quiet and there's no air flow. Hard to figure out what blankets to use. Try to lie quietly, but not really sleeping.

4:13 am

Next door neighbor is up and has just started his generator. After about twenty seconds, it begins to run smooth. He often has to head out to work between 5 and 6am, so I don't if he was already planning to be up at that hour.

However, the generator noise is sufficient to allow us to drift off to sleep. Not great sleep, but something.

6:37 am

I know I remember hearing my watch go off with its 6:17am alarm. And I was "just" getting ready to get up. The radio comes on, and I'm thinking its the normal 6:20am start. Clock on my side of the room is dark, but then I'd shut off the UPS it's connected to along with the DSL modem and the WiFi. It's only after I'm heading off to the bathroom that I notice that the answering machine is blinking and I realize -- oh, the power is back on. Yay, we can have stuff out of the refrigerator and make oatmeal.

I run on automatic to some extent in the morning and sometimes it takes a while for Life to kick in.

A little over three-and-a-half hours. Not bad. Certainly not enough time to ruin the food. And the middle of the night means that there's no problem with trying to get work done or watch all that important television or read or anything like that. Guess it doesn't get any better than that.


And since it's Friday and we're tired, it means Joe Chicago's Stuffed Pizza. Sausage, mushrooms, green peppers, black olives. Except for my sister (grin), you may all be jealous now.

Dr. Phil

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