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Now There's A Comforting Image

Post Lunch

I used my sandwich Ziplock from lunch to clean up some trash lying around on my desk. See, the trash can is just a little too far, and if I try to toss things, they inevitably end up on the floor, not in the can. So gathering up some stuff in a single handy closable bag -- this is a good thing.

Just did a double-take, because the bag with a couple of bits of paper inside reminds me of all those damned containers of Drisophila I used to have in biology labs...

Flaxseed Is Good For You

Mrs. Dr. Phil has bought a couple of loaves of bread which contain flaxseed in them. I guess one of the health claims is that flaxseed contain some omega-3 oils, which promote the good kind of cholesterol. And the stuff doesn't taste bad, either.

The problem is, though, that what I am assuming are the flaxseeds keep falling off the bread. They're small and dark and just a little bit sticky. So in the sandwich bag with the paper, they look like little crawling bugs. Ew-www.

My Question

Is some of the flaxseed ground up into the flour to make the bread? Because if all the flaxseed seem to fall off the crust or fall out of the bread, then just exactly how much nutritional value am I getting from the flaxseed?

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