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Why Now?

Not Sleeping?

Twice now in the last week I found myself lying for more than an hour in the wee hours of the night unable to fall asleep. It's like the body has forgotten how. The first time was more understandable. I'd come to bed, turning the A.C. over to fan and opening the window, since the temperature had dropped down into the 60s. Alas, what poured in through the window and cloying hugged everything was very humid air, which makes heat exchanging difficult when one is clammy. What I should've done is go back to A.C. and closed the window. Eventually I gave up trying to sleep lying down and retreated to the chair in the living room, getting a "full" two hours of sleep before getting up and making breakfast. Sigh.

Last night? I don't know what the problem was. The A.C. kept the bedroom modestly cool and certainly dry. Yet I felt too warm for any of the bedding, yet felt cold from sweating. Ugh. Wasn't even particularly uncomfortable -- sometimes bed doesn't feel right and I have to get up and rearrange myself.

Perhaps I got too much sleep this weekend, including an hour-long nap in the late afternoon.

Perhaps it was because I was working so hard on the exam for today, and never did any "real" writing yesterday.


Dr. Phil

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