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Latest IROSF Reviews

The Internet Review of Science Fiction

I've commented here before about IROSF.

Now they are "in redesign"...

Important Notice!!!

Dear Reader,

Ultimately, I'm excited to be writing this: we at IROSF are preparing the biggest reworking of our publication since we launched in January, 2004. We're going to have a new design, and also some new features. We're going to make the forums better, the design cleaner and more attractive (especially this "cover" page). There are going to be better editorial tools, so we can get the job done on time and with better results. There will also be some new kinds of content to make IROSF an even better resource. And, as per my last editorial, yes, there will also be some paid subscription options.

However, while digging into this project, I realized that we just don't have the resources to rebuild the site and publish at the same time. Accordingly, from your perspective, we'll be taking a little vacation. The kind of vacation where I spend the next seven weeks getting that pasty programmer's anti-tan from the glow of my computer screens.

So, while you're waiting for the next issue, I leave you a brand-new batch of short fiction reviews to tide you over, and a promise to return on or about August 7 -- with a new and vastly improved Internet Review of Science Fiction!


-- L. Blunt "Bluejack" Jackson

However, Kudos Go To...

In the interim, IROSF has posted some of Lois Tilton's reviews and as it happens, three people I know have stories which have been reviewed. 2004 Clarion classmate slithytove John Schoffstall's excellent story "Bullet Dance" in the July 2007 Asimov's, which I finally got a copy of the other week, gets a nice review, as does 2004 Clarion instructor Nancy Kress for "Fountain of Age". And fave author of web comic SPQR Blues meritahut Carol Scavella Burrell gets a coveted Recommended review for her story "Brownman" in May's Strange Horizons.

Many congratulations to all.

Dr. Phil

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