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You've Got To Be Kidding Me

Price Gouging, Again

While I am still paying north of three bucks for premium, regular gasoline in West Michigan had dropped down in the last week and was down to $2.77.9/gal in some areas. Was being the operational phrase.

Today on the beginning of my drive, WOOD-AM was getting reports that Speedway had jumped/jacked the price up to $3.19.9/gal. Sure enough, the Allendale Speedway was $3.19.9/gal. WTF? Though the other Allendale gas stations were running a little higher, the thought that Grand Rapids gas pricings are going up by more than FORTY CENTS A GALLON must mean there's some sort of crisis ahappening. Doesn't it?

Um, No...

A caller into WOOD-AM asked, "What's the excuse this time?" The best anybody could come up with was it's Fourth of July next week. So they have to jump up the prices now, to make sure they get their evil misbegotten gains from anyone who might tank up before the weekend and the holiday next week.

Sorry. I'm getting increasingly bitter about these gashat assholes.

Dr. Phil

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