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"Look, Children, The Slugs Are Back."

Growing Monarchs

Yesterday I spotted my first monarch butterfly caterpillar -- about 3/8th of an inch long. We've been raising monarchs for a long time, 7-8 years, and I've been watching our number of healthy milkweed plants around the ol' estate grounds. It was about two or two-and-a-half weeks ago that I finally started seeing some monarch butterflies flitting about.

So yesterday Mrs. Dr. Phil got out the bag of glass jars we use to raise them and rescued the leaf with the caterpillar. Also got some "salad" for it to eat later and found a small round golden egg -- probably monarch -- on the bottom of another leaf. So that makes two jars. This morning, the same plant sported yet another 3/8th inch caterpillar. So we're up to three now.

Go bugs!

No, Really, I'm Serious

It's the butterflies we're raising, is my standard excuse for not mowing the lawn. No, really. Stop that snickering!

Other Words

Halfway through Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince -- my plan it so re-read HP6 to be ready for HP7 on Saturday. Amazon has reconfirmed my shipments to my folks in North Carolina, my sister in Atlanta and, of course, US!

BTW - The Subject line comes from one of my favorite The Far Side cartoons...

Dr. Phil

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