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"... Who Shall Not Be Named Is Dead"

What? You think I'm talking about old Voldy-Moldy in an open post? Never! No, what actually happened is that yesterday Mrs. Dr. Phil and I traveled to East Lansing MI and the Wharton Center at Michigan State to see the musical Wicked.

Based on the 1995 novel written ninety years after the original Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum, it purports to tell the story of what happened before -- and what happened when Elfaba and Glinda were schoolmates. I understand the musical takes some liberties with the story from Maguire's novel, but there is no doubt that this production certainly takes the classic movie version as the canonical styling.

I've not read the novel and I've only ever heard two or three of the songs, but it is a marvelous musical, both funny and poignant. The second act is darker, but not necessarily in the way you think. All the singers were wonderful, but the two leads were extraordinary.

MSU Uproar

For you Spartan and Clarion alums, the southern and eastern sides of campus are all torn up. The Wharton Center gave us special directions to actually make it to parking and advised an extra forty minutes for travel time. Thankfully it was a lazy Sunday afternoon and we made it there just fine, sat in the Blazer with the windows down on the third level of the parking structure and enjoyed the warm, but not hot, breezes and ate our lunch.

No doubt all the mess was something like a water main replacement, but you'd think MSU was installing a subway system.

11:30am EDT Monday 23 July 2007

In case you were wondering when I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Why so "long"? Well, we just got the one copy --, UPS and the USPS all conspired to get it delivered to our mailbox before noon on Saturday -- and Mrs. Dr. Phil was allowed first crack, reading it by day, while I worked on it at night. We took the book with us on our road trip yesterday, but left it in the car. There was another woman in our row at Wicked who was about halfway through HP7. Fun.

More anon.

Dr. Phil

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