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Oh I Don't Need To Listen To THIS Crap

Got into the office today and the message light on my phone was on. Log into the campus Voicemail system -- and the message is in the middle of some robocall recording about bloody burial insurance. There was no company name or phone number in the message.

Instead, it asked for you to say the word "YES".

Did that stop it? Because there was no one to answer it?

NO -- after a pause it went on and asked for me to speak my name. Then it hung up.

How Is This Possible?

Are the telemarketers and spammers so desperate that they need to annoy university faculty with robocalls about crap? I suppose that the Federal Do Not Call List is for individuals and not corporations or academic units. But if this is their idea of fun, I think it's going to backfire real fast.

It'll be bad enough to get one of these calls while I am working -- or worse, working with a student -- but getting these junk calls in the Voicemail could waste one whopping lot of time to delete them.

Plus, I can't see where academic types are likely to be a high percentage hit rate over the elderly and shut-ins these slime molds usual prey on.

A Teeny Tiny Suggestion

Perhaps the university can buy one of those Tele-Zapper machines from Radio Shack and hook it in (grin).

Dr. Phil

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