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It's Over

August Is Done

Western Michigan University's schedule has classes start on Tuesday 4 September 2007. So this past week was the last "free" time I had, and I was pretty damned busy, scheduling it all with things. So since I was not teaching during the Summer II Session, I had July and August "off". Not applicable to call it a vacation, there've been a lot of things to do. Things which get put off during the rest of the year when one is spending all those hours on the road plus teaching. Didn't help that I had that damned 8am class during the Spring semester, which screwed up my whole sleep patterns.

Of course, I guess I get a transition to "ease into" the semester, seeing as this is a four-day work week.

Still Behind

Yet I start September behind on some projects, including some blog entries I've been meaning to make. Maybe nobody reads this and I'm wasting my time -- but I'll chalk it up to writing experience even if ignored. (grin)

So anyway, it's time to buckle up and buckle down -- and head into Fall 2007. Study hard, young junior rocket cadets!

Dr. Phil

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