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Eat At Joe's Part I

The Agony Of The Perfect Pizza

Back in February, I discovered Joe's Chicago Pizza down by Rivertown Crossings Mall. Not only did they make real Chicago Stuffed Pizza -- and not that Pizzeria Uno's Chicago deep dish stuff -- but they'd been in business for four years and I didn't know it! Arrgh!

So slowly we began to remedy that situation. Then one day, when we wanted to take a friend from Northwestern also devoted to Edwardo's and the cult of the stuffed pizza, we found out they closed suddenly on 1 July 2007. Aiyeee!

There I Was, Minding My Own Business

So on Saturday I was making my way through the Grand Rapids Press' Thursday Weekend pullout section, when I spotted a small ad announcing the GRAND RE-OPENING of Joe Chicago's Pizza. YAY!

We'd talked of going out to dinner on Saturday night, so there was no question where we were going. Ate in, had a small stuffed spinach, roasted red peppers, mushrooms and fresh garlic pizza. Mmmmm.

Didn't Get A Big One

... because I'll be back on Tuesday evening after work to pick up another pizza. There'd be brats from a lovely German-Polish meat market, Sobie's, on Labor Day. Wouldn't want the leftover pizza to go bad...

We'd almost broken down and mail ordered stuffed pizza, either from Edwardo's or Giordano's, even though the shipping is rather steep.

Now we don't have to.


Dr. Phil

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