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Entropy And Life

Not That It Helped Me Much

After soaring to unheard of levels, at least for West Michigan, gasoline prices mainly dropped during August. Even to "under" $3.00/gallon. (grin) Alas, since I was not teaching in July and August, I wasn't burning much gas then.

For most of the last fifteen years, West Michigan gas stations have jacked up the prices for weekends and jacked 'em high for holidays. Since the state's attorney general has been sniffing around looking for price gouging this year, I've noticed that the trend has been to jack the prices in the middle of the week and drop them for weekends and just in time for the summer holidays. What princes.

All that is over now. Gas jumped over 30 cents in the last two days. This morning's fill was at $3.42.9/gal for premium. $56.01. Welcome to Fall Semester commuting.


Things Break

This morning Mrs. Dr. Phil reported that the little plastic bar which raises the chain and flushes the toilet snapped. There's a part of me thinking -- why the hell is this made of plastic? And of course it broke just exactly where you'd think it'd break, so why wasn't it reinforced there?

Because, of course, it'd done its job and lasted for fourteen years. Why should one expect any more than that?

I guess my standards have standards.

Dr. Phil

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