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Now Wait A Second!

So There I Was...

... minding my own business. Sitting in my office and reading some webcomics. Evil, Inc. and DM of the Rings, if you really want to know. When all of a sudden, outside there's a huge...


I mean, like an explosion.

Bad Thoughts Creep In

Car blown up? My Blazer in flames? A city bus dispatched by an engineering student tired of taking the shuttle up to the Parkview Campus?

I mean, it's the sixth anniversary of 9/11 next week and this is a college campus -- anything could be happening.

I Head Out Of My Office...

... to the grad student office next door and look outside.

There's a large semi parked there with a U.S. Army logo on the side, and some guys are standing around what looks like an artillery piece. And a Public Safety car.

A Scream Arises From The Students Standing Around...

... as the rain comes down and they all scramble for cover.

Nothing to see, I guess, move along. This is not the disaster you're looking for.

I head back to my office.

Dr. Phil

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