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Sick Sucks

Ah, Fall...

When the college students come back in the fall, they bring their damned germs with them. And as they mix and spread around, everybody gets sick. (raises hand) Yup. It's time for a summer... er, autumn cold.

See, it's the middle of September, but we're in the midst of a frost alert, so I can hardly call this a summer cold until a couple of days from now when it gets back up to the 80s.

Thankfully, I don't have any place I have to go this weekend, so sleep and rest it is.

And lots of Puffs. (sniff)


I can, however, mostly breathe -- a good way to have a cold. And I can smell.

So a while ago I had to go and close some windows cracked open to have good ventilation and a delightful sleeping experience, because instead of good fall scents and wood smoke, the smell of burnt rubber was wafting through the house.

I suspect it was idiots laying down patches on the road. And they weren't close enough to hear them.


Dr. Phil

ps -- well, a routing good shutout of Notre Dame was probably the best possible outcome of a Michigan-ND football game. Besides, Russell Crowe was a guest in the Big House, and it would've been impolite to lose in front of guests. (grin)

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