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Was It Really Thirty-Plus Years Since The Last One?

A week ago or so we were all worried in Michigan about the UAW strike against General Motors. But before things got too entrenched, it was over in less than two days. Now, time will tell whether either the current members or the retirees or the company will all come out ahead, but negotiations happened and agreements were made.


Just What The Sam Hell HAVE You Been Doing?

It's just after midnight, and the Michigan legislature STILL hasn't come up with a budget. They've known about the deficit for years. They know the state has a constitutional requirement of having a balanced budget. They've cut taxes year after year. They deferred part of the fix for last year's budget to this year. And now this year is here. Now. And the government is going to have to shut down.

The governor was right there -- lobbying, helping, ready to sign a bill when it was ready. It wasn't. UPDATE: The House passed a bill around 12:30am. The Senate about 4:18am.

The governor said she'd veto a continuing resolution which didn't include taxes, because to continue the budget the current way for one more month would just increase the deficit. So they didn't fix the problem, they passed a bill which raises some taxes and then gives themselves another 30 days to fix the budget.

Madness. Madness I say.

West Michigan, which is pretty conservative, answered a poll question on WOOD-AM radio: If the legislature fails to pass a budget, should their pay be docked starting October 1st? Yea -- 86 percent. Yikes.

To be fair, part of the problem in Lansing is term limits -- none of these people has all that much experience doing these jobs and there aren't any oldtime leaders to lead them through the dark alleys. Sure, professional politicians on the Forever Plan can be part of the problem, but so is Newbie Heaven...

Your Hands Are Not Clean Either

Of course Congress hasn't passed a Federal budget either. But they could pass a continuing resolution and not worry about whether the money is there or not because it's not a Constitutional requirement.

So that's what Congress did.


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