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Third-Quarter Report

On my main writing machine, I have wallpaper which consists of a black background, a comic strip appropriate to writing (currently one of the series of Snoopy writing his novel) and a list of stories out and recent results. It is currently a sea of red. Red means "Win" in my scoring system, and that includes not only sales and prizes, but Encouraging Letters and other recognitions. The point of all this? Right now it is a sea of red. Two sales to be published later. A pending Q1 Writers of the Future Finalist which could still be published. AND, I'm still in the judging for the Q3 WOTF with Yet Another Finalist, which could still win a prize and could still be published. And three of those Encouraging Letters. Yee-ha!

So this is good. And I sent out a ton of submissions. Which is also good. But... most of them were to just one market, Jim Baen's Universe. As mentioned in a previous post, Baen's slush is moving a lot faster. My first submission took 326 days to clear, the second 69 days. In just Q3 alone, I've sent ten submissions, with an average response time of 5.8 days over nine submissions with one still out at the end of the quarter, 3.9 days over eight submissions. So am I just dumping stuff to Baen's just to dump stuff and run up the stats? Hell no, that would be stupid. Jim Baen's Universe is a market that I should be able to sell to when I'm good enough or a story strikes their fancy. The only pressure on me was the note that showed up saying they'd be putting submissions on hold come September 30th. So there's going to be about six months where I won't be able to send anything to Baen's. Still, it is a risk. With the market mostly filled -- which is why they're going on hiatus -- they're looking for something of the right length and the right story, pickier than general slush reading. And with electronic submissions, I can turn around and get the next story out pretty quick. The current slush editor is either getting to know me and my work, or getting tired of me. It's a chance you take with any market.

Net result -- I've already equaled my submission totals for ALL of 2006, so 2007 is going to be yet another record year in terms of getting things out. The bad news is that I have been filling in a lot of corners this summer, so if I am going to keep up the pace, I'm going to have to finish a bunch of the pile of new stories I've been working on.

New writing? Not a single thing finished this quarter. I'd hoped to use my two "down" months of July and August to pound out some stories, but there were a lot of things I had to work on around the house. Plus one of the new stories I was working on didn't quite come out right upon first reading, so I have to do a rewrite.

The Totals:
164 submissions (39 "wins" - 111 "rejects" - 6 "No Calls")
48 short stories written, 8 currently in the field
4 published, 3 in print, 1 web, 7 additional stories online

Year          2002  2003  2004  2005  2006  2007(09/30)
Submissions     8*   24    26    26    40    40* (19)
Returns         3    22    26    26    40    39  (19)
-- Wins         0     5    10     7     9     8  (4)
-- Rejects      2    15    15    18    30    31  (15)
-- No Calls     1     2     1     1     1     0  (0)
Number Out      5     7     7     7     7     8  (0)
  at year's end
New Stories     8     9    11     8     7     5  (0)
New Markets     6     9     8     6     9     4  (0)
E-submissions   2     2     2     6    19    23 (13)
Sales           0     0     0     1     0     2  (0)
Prizes          0     2     2     0     3     0  (0)
-- Honorables   0     1     2     0     1     1  (0)
Paid            0     1     0     1     2     1  (0)
Pending Publ.   0     1     2     2     3     5  (0)
Published       0     0     1     1     2     0  (0)
-- Print        0     0     1     1     1     0  (0)
-- Web          0     0     0     0     1     0  (0)
Other Publ.     0     0     0     0     1     7  (0)
                               updated 08-02-07

* - Partial year stats for 2002 and 2007.
(1) Wins includes Sales, Prizes, Honorable Mentions,
WOTF Quarter/Semi/Finalists even without publication,
plus Encouraging Letters from Editors which just cannot
be considered the same as a straight rejection.
(2) No Calls include Contests canceled, Publications
gone under, Manuscripts lost by the USPS, and Manuscripts
withdrawn after Way Too Much Time (usually associated
with Publications gone under).
(3) New Stories is only for stories shipped, does not
include all 2004 Clarion workshop stories or chapbook
stories sent to friends and family or Ficlets.
(4) New Markets are those first-time submissions for
Dr. Phil, not necessarily a new market in the industry.
(5) Honorables include Honorable and Laudable Mentions
which do not win a cash prize, but may be eligible for
print or web publication.
(6) Pending includes all currently unpublished stories.
(7) Other Publ. include short stories placed on blog
"A Rosebourne Christmas" for Christmas 2006,
and 7 very short stories at

BIBLIOGRAPHY of Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon
1. "The Gravediggers" in CrossTIME Anthology Vol. III. 
Santa Fe NM: CrossTIME, 2004.  pp. 44-63.  (August 2004)
ISBN 1-890109-06-1

2. "The Pulse of the Sea" in Northwest Passages: A Cascadian 
Odyssey / edited by Cris DiMarco, hosted by Cascadian Con.  
Port Orchard WA: Fandom Press, the co-operative division 
of Windstorm Creative, 2005.  pp. 179-194.  (September 2005) 
ISBN 1-59092-185-2

3. "Boxes" in CrossTIME Anthology Vol. V.  
Santa Fe NM: CrossTIME, 2006.  pp. 132-147.  (September 2006)  
ISBN-13 978-1-890109-08-0

4. "Dead Forever" at Ralan's Web Spectravaganza; 2nd Prize 
2006 Grabber Contest.  Illustration by Teresa Tunaley.  (October 2006)

In no particular order, I've got stories currently out at:

-- Writers of the Future
-- F&SF
-- Analog
-- Asimov's
-- Interzone (U.K.)
-- Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show
-- Jim Baen's Universe

Writers of the Future beckons, dangling it's little Win Valuable Prizes magic on me twice this year -- I am very excited. Even more fun, among the eight Q3 WOTF Finalists still in the judging is my 2004 Clarion buddy and friend Al Bogdan. This isn't a competition -- it's an affirmation.

Haven't even looked at Ficlets this quarter. Wimp out.

No new sales, same net stories out for the year. But some strong results.

Dr. Phil
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