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Workshops, Etc.

A Review of Writers Workshops

I've written before about Clarion, Clarion West and Clarion South -- plus written badly about Odyssey. Now on John Joseph Adams' blog, he writes about most of the major SF/F writers workshops, in a reprinted article. Since he's done a good job putting all this together, why should I repeat all his work? (grin)

Why Should You Care About JJA?

John Joseph Adams, aka The Slush God, is the assistant editor at The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. He writes a lot of reviews for other genre markets and has a good feeling for what is going on around the industry.

If you haven't been to The Slush God Speaketh, his blog site in a while, it has moved and no longer redirects you from the old site to the new site. You're welcome.

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