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Bloody Hell

Damn. Will 7-7, or 7on7-7, be added to our 21st century lexicon?

I'm referring, of course, to this morning's reports of seven bombs set off on London transport systems. The Circle line of the Underground is the oldest mass transit rail line in the world -- parts date back to the 1840s.


All the US reports I heard this morning described the mood in London on Wednesday 6 July 2005 as euphoric, what with the awarding of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games to the city of London. Indeed, the mayor of London was still in Singapore, where the IOC made its decision.

This act of terrorism wasn't about the Olympics. There wasn't enough time.

Britain in league with the Evil American Oppressors, plus...

It was more likely aimed at the G8 Conference -- but away from the heavy security around Gleneagle, Scotland.

Say What You Like

But it struck me that British PM Tony Blaire has worked hard to make this G8 meeting about debt and aid to Africa, and perhaps something about global warming outside of Kyoto. Things which matter and could, in theory, help vast numbers of people around this globe.

But No...

It isn't bloody likely that the people who did this would care one eensy bit about that.

The Irony

Yesterday's All Things Considered on NPR talked with G8 protesters complaining they couldn't march as they had on Saturday. Yesterday talk centered on the gifts and the exclusiveness were the talk.


Wasn't this once called the G4? Then G5. G6. G7. And now G8. Ever since Seattle a few years ago, the meeting has been a lightning storm. With so much opposition, will the G8 be too much to handle anymore -- and then what?

9-11. 3-11. 7-7.

The idiots are out again.

Dr. Phil

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