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John Scalzi has a link to this on The Whatever.

The questionnaire is a little long, about 150 questions, and of course it bothers me that some of the questions fall into an either/or on more than one dimension, so I wonder what the link really means. And I am a big fat klutz, quite literally, so of course I find it hard to find clothes that fit and bump into things in a world made for smaller peoples -- so does that make me more Aspie than "normal"? I don't think so.

But... I freely admit I'm an odd duck, set in my ways in some things, compulsive about some others. So scoring mostly smack dab in the middle, leaning a bit towards the Intellectual and somewhat towards the compulsive dimensions strikes me as reasonably on target.

I Wonder

I would really be curious to see the results written in terms of some of my fictional characters... (grin)

Dr. Phil

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