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It's Ba-aack!

The Gift From Congress That Keeps On Giving

Back in March I ranted about DST 2007, the rather unnecessary change to Daylight Savings Time in the United States and then in April, I complained about smart devices made obsolete by the unnecessary change to DST.

Well, welcome to Sunday 28 October 2007 -- or the day that time would've changed under the old system.

Two Clocks

My computers running legacy operating systems have mostly all been told to NOT automatically change to/from DST. Those running Windows XP Pro SP2 have the DST 2007 patch are so should correctly change next weekend.

But the VCR, which is date aware, is a year too old to know about Congress' changes, so it dutifully changed back an hour at 2am. And the Timex digital alarm clock bought for the 2004 Clarion workshop also did the same.

One wonders the number of people annoyed, inconvenienced or aggravated by this nonsense today. As well as those who will have to go around and change the clocks again next week.

I Must Like Pissing Against The Wind Or Something

Sorry folks, this is one of the sorriest exercises in governmental stupidity ev-ah. Even stupider, because there is no fix to this idiocy, including leaving it alone, which won't inconvenience some folks for years to come. Dumb. Shouldn't have happened. And you can quote me on it.

Dr. Phil

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