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Ah, November...

Welcome To Eastern Standard Time

We've finally made the fourth and last of the real and imagined DST 2007 conversions, this time leaving Daylight Saving Time on the shelf for a while. Windows XP with the DST 2007 patch worked fine. Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition on my HP iPAQ 4705 PDA did not, despite the patch applied in the spring. Did I miss another patch? Huh.

The net effect is, of course, it is much brighter in the morning. I was able to take the back road between M-45 and Wilson, with less (not zero) concern for running deer, because I was able to see better and it was later in the morning for the deer. (grin)

And We're All Going To Die

The weather forecast people have been going on and on about the chance for snow on Tuesday for a week now, prompting many people to start up the chorus of "oh no, it's a winter storm for sure." No. They said chance of snow. Last week the low was going to be 42degF, now it's down to like 34degF. Either way, that's above the freezing point of water, so this isn't going to stay. Now in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, they are scheduled to have their first winter storm with a predicted dumping of 12" of the stuff. And after Halloween, too. Can't tell you how many times in upstate New York growing up my sister and I had to suddenly change costumes to accommodate boots and winter coats and snow pants. (grin)

The real issue with wet sloppy snow tonight and in the morning around West Michigan -- convincing the idiot drivers around here to slow down and increase vehicle spacing. Sigh. It's a never-ending battle.

Yellow, Brown, Red, Orange

The warm October has delayed the leaf falling by some weeks. Someone on the radio last week commented that normally they'd have all their leaves raked up before Halloween -- for Fall 2007 they hadn't even started raking. Supposedly the hot days and cold nights were supposed to promote lots of reds and oranges, instead of boring old browns and yellows on the trees, but I haven't seen as much red as I'd like and whole forests seem to be dumping their loads of yellow and brown overnight.

Oh wait, lots of cold wet slippery leaves with snow? Mmm... really exciting adventures in stopping cars. Can't hardly wait. (double-sigh)

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