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Everybody All Home Again

Chicago Is Still There

Like ships passing in the night, Mrs. Dr. Phil was heading back home on Friday from the Michigan Library Association meeting as I was heading out to Chicago for WindyCon. For those keeping score, the cats never missed a meal. (grin) Have to have some perspective here.

It's fun to travel and do new things -- but it's nice to come home again, too. And though I mightily resisted the siren song of the myriad of deliverymen from Giordano's, bringing Chicago stuffed pizza to WindyCon attendees waiting in the lobby of the Wyndham O'Hare, it was all because I had orders to phone in and then pick up a stuffed pizza from Joe Chicago's Pizza on the way home today.

So I have been fed stuffed pizza and I am happy.

College Pigskin Update

Oooh boy. This has been one tough season for those in the top 25 of Division I NCAA football and Saturday was even more wonderful. What can I say? I love it. Illinois, on the road to the Horseshoe in Columbus OH, beats #1 Ohio State. Yay! Michigan loses yet again. Yay! Notre Dame loses to the United States Air Force Academy. Now, this is meant as no disrespect of Air Force, but how the mighty Irish have fallen this season.

Of Course I Come Home To...

This little ditty on John Scalzi's The Whatever.

My brain hurts. (grin)

And Now...

The Secret Ingredient for the finale of The Next Iron Chef has just been revealed... swordfish!

More on WindyCon another time.

Dr. Phil

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