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Hands Off, Microsoft! It's MY Machine!


Everyone has something to tell again Microsoft, even people who don't use computers or use Macs. And no, I'm not trying to be snarky about Macs. (grin) But to me, one of the categories of things that annoys me the most is that it's MY machine not Redmond's. And I'd like some say in how things work on MY machine.

So I dislike having active dialogue boxes pop up in the middle of typing and then apparently type in some valid control command and having it disappear before I can even read the message. What did I just supposedly agree to? FORMAT C: /S ? I mean, come on. Can't you even imagine the possibility that I might be USING my own damned computer and that MAYBE I might be touch typing at high speed and transcribing something and NOT looking at the screen?

And I hate having to beat things down, like the XP Firewall, more than once in order that it doesn't conflict with my own firewall. Which leads me to:

You Have Unused Icons On Your Desktop
Click on this balloon for help in deleting the unused icons.

Now I have news for you, Microsoft. I do have unused icons on my desktop. Why? Because some of them I use like Post-It notes. I keep some unused icons on my desktop to remind me about things. Doesn't mean I'm going to click on them.

So I'm going to click on the X and make your "helpful" hint go away. Which leads me in less than a minute later to:

You Have Unused Icons On Your Desktop
Click on this balloon for help in deleting the unused icons.

Wait. Didn't I just click on the X and make you go away? Oh, you mean THOSE unused icons. How silly of me. I obviously don't understand that having some extra and supposedly unused icons on my desktop is irritating either the uppity operating system or Our New Mutant Idiot Overlords in Redmond WA. I'm so sorry. How foolish of me. I'm so sorry that I didn't understand that this was a Commandment and not some suggestion -- which I'd already told to LEAVE ME ALONE!

Oops. I hit the big X again. Go away Unused Icon help. Go away and leave me alone for a few weeks before you wake up again and try to insist that I change my wanton, wasteful ways.

And before any of you bitheads out there suggest that there is a Registry key you can toggle to keep this from happening again, may I not so politely suggest that that's just the stupidest possible so-called "solution" to the problem? Other nudgey popups have a checkbox to either see or not see this popup again. Without risking life and limb by operating on the triple-damned Registry.


Dr. Phil

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