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First Time Ever

My Dog Ate The Homework

A week ago was the deadline for my two classes to turn in their Topic 1 Science Literacy Book Reports. On Tuesday a student came by with a note from the doctor -- for their computer. Actually it was a receipt from the campus tech support people saying the computer didn't work and they were working on it. Which is why the student hadn't been able to print out their paper and get it into the office by 5pm.

I've had lots of people blame their computers, and some have shown up with faded or misprinted printouts -- especially from using the campus computer center PC's. The assignment says that if you have problems printing, to write "Printer Problems" on the paper, to distinguish between those who tried to follow the rules and those who don't care about the requirements for font size, spacing, margins, page count. But this was the first time someone actually brought in proper documentation of a malfunction. I told the student to turn in the paper when they could, with a copy of the "doctor's note" stapled to it. It came in this afternoon.

One Other Weirdness

The year I taught at Grand Valley, my second year of teaching, I had these two guys in my class show up lugging this giant "thing". It was one of those real word processors -- a dedicated unit with a small screen and a built-in printer. The old ribbon they'd been trying to eke out because they were cheap had shredded apart, so one guy brought in the unit and the other showed up with a new ribbon a while later. And we pulled out the shredded ribbon and installed the new one and they finally got their paper turned in.

Occasionally deadlines bring out the best in people. (grin)

Dr. Phil

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