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Every Semester Is Different

No matter what sort of a schedule I draw up, the classes I teach end up rolling along at whatever pace they need to go at. Sometimes the stories get longer, sometimes we spend more time on one area, sometimes we cut out a particular topic and skip over some sections.

This semester should be "identical" to one year ago, as I taught the same two classes in Fall 2006. But that's not in the real world. I've felt for most of the semester that I've been a few days behind the lecture notes from last year in both classes, first it was PHYS-1130 that got behind, then PHYS-1150 more recently when I got PHYS-1130 more or less on track. Now I'm within a day or so of last year's pace just as we have a week-and-a-half to go. That's really hard to pick up an extra day of work. So what to do? What do I cut?


A year ago come Friday, we had a snow day. Yup. Big snow, WMU closed, classes canceled. Right smack in the middle of the next-to-last week of classes.

So, this means I'll be caught up by Monday? Unbelievable.

You just can't plan for this stuff.

I should shut up now, before the weather gods give me a snow day in the middle of the LAST week of classes. Yeeks.

Memory Error - Reboot Now

A week ago Thursday we were at a dinner with some friends, and I needed his email to send him something. Well, the email address finally got to me today -- now no one can remember what it was I was supposed to send. Maybe the URL for this LiveJournal? Could be. So I sent that -- maybe we'll figure it out someday.

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