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Happy New Year (so far)

Already Behind

Been working really hard on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. Got lots done. Writing statistics soon, but I submitted five stories on December 31st and already have one shiny new rejection for 2008. Yay, progress.

Still owe y'all Christmas stories and stuff, but this post isn't for carping.


Even as the Big 10 was losing like 2 out of 3 bowl games today, sigh, you gotta love the hockey game in Buffalo today. A real live NHL game between Buffalo and the Pittsburgh Penguins. In front of 73,000 fans. Outdoors. In a lake-effect snowstorm.

Oh how wonderful.

In 2001 Michgan and Michigan State played a hockey game outdoors -- one of the Penguins played in that game. Hee-hee. The Pens, by the way, won the game in a shoot-out after the tied at the end of three periods.


Rose Parade Breakfast

We actually woke up this morning by 9:30am, and watched the "pre-game" parade coverage on The Travel Channel, and then switched to HGTV which, except for some inset ads and on air plugs, runs the whole parade without commercials. Apparently the networks left at 12:30 EST, before the parade was done.

Lovely parade, Mrs. Dr. Phil's stollen for breakfast, and snow all day outside our window. I'll get today's paper out at the road in the morning. (grin)

More Later

Happy New Year

Dr. Phil

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