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Getting It Down To A Science

Scheduled Up

With Mrs. Dr. Phil working on classes towards a second Master's degree, we knew the annual joint project which is the Christmas/End-O-Year letter wasn't going to happen before Christmas. Actually, we alternate each year as to who writes the bulk of the letter and who revises. This was Mrs. Dr. Phil's year to write.

Production Lines

The letter got mostly written on New Year's Eve and was pretty much in good shape. Seems Mrs. Dr. Phil kept a tickle file of going's on so she'd be prepared this year. Sneaky brilliant. The paper had been ordered from Paper Direct and delivered. Now it was time to load up the HP LaserJet 4ML and go to town.

One of the problems with pretty heavily printed stiff paper is it can have problems feeding. In this case I fed every sheet in through the manual feed slot twice -- once for each side. Very staticky. But it's been this way most every year. (grin)

And Off To The Races

We made our way through about half our mailing list to ship today -- and the rest will go out tomorrow. Are we bad children who don't care about our friends and relatives? Hell no -- we've just got this down to a science. And delayed working on this until we didn't have forty-eleven other things that had to be done Right Now.

Anyway, we're done for the moment. There'll be stragglers coming through, of course. But that's fun, too.

Give And Receive

Of course we've been getting a pretty steady stream of cards and/or letters since Thanksgiving, which are always greatly appreciated. We've gotten a couple of e-cards this year, too, and we made a PDF of the letter to send to a couple of people in faraway lands.

They say letter writing is dead and that this ephemeral e-mail and blogging and texting is ruining it for future researchers. And yet... we do get some lovely letters. Maybe not the torrents people sent in the old days, but maybe you should get your heirs to back up your e-mails -- to further the research careers of some doctoral student in some future history. (grin)

Meanwhile, Happy New Year to all...

Dr. Phil

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