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Everything That Creepeth, Crawleth, Flyeth and Baiteth


Whew. Temp this morning was like 33degF. It's January. That's good. What did we have? Near single digits like ten days ago? And then Friday the Great Meltdown began. 40s. 50s. 57degF at midnight? and 58degF in the morning? Geesh -- it got up to 63degF.


We had some company for the weekend, and as they were getting ready to go, I was standing by their rented silver Pontiac G6 and saw something on the hood. It was a mosquito! It got squished.


Working in the office and there was this odd, short buzz. Thought maybe a Coke can was rubbing up against a mouse cable. Nope, it was clear. Happened again. And again. Take LED flashlight and peer into empty can. There was a fly inside. It, too, got squished -- reached in with a stainless steel letter opener.


One of the sure signs of spring is worms on the sidewalks when it rains. Well, we've had melt and rain in January. So what does it mean when you see a 2-1/2" slug crossing a sidewalk?

The Unspeakable

The university e-mail account is really getting hammered by idiot spammers. I cleared out a few pages of spam when I was off at Christmas, but I guess I hadn't looked at the spam filter from 12/27 to 1/8. FORTY-SIX pages of spam -- twenty e-mails per page. For those trying to actually make money selling whatever, they can't be. Too much competition. And how would I choose between their offers? Oh wait, I delete them all unread. Too bad for you.


That's all I've got to say.

Dr. Phil

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