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Up, Up and Away...!

NASA is poised to resume Space Shuttle flights into space and to the International Space Station -- though they aren't yet willing to run one last Hubble Space Telescope repair mission and extend the life of such an extraordinary asset and international treasure.

The Launch Is Scheduled For Wednesday

But you'd barely be able to figure that out from the news coverage I've seen in the last 24 hours. I had ranted previously on the problem of not giving the day of the week in dates and now we have the problem of not mentioning the TIME of the launch.

An entire article in Monday's The Grand Rapids Press only mentioned that the launch was "Wednesday." Two NPR Morning Edition stories only mentioned "Wednesday" in the one and "Wednesday afternoon" in the other.

This Isn't Hard Information For Reporters To Track Down, Folks

I Googled "space shuttle launch" and got the NASA Shuttle page which gave all the details.


July 13, 2:51 p.m. CDT (1951 GMT)
Window: 5 minutes

That's 3:51 PM EDT

While it is true that the launch takes place in Florida, which is in the Eastern Time Zone, Mission Control is in Houston TX, which is why the time is given as 2:51 CDT.

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