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Nothing Happened

The Michigan Primary, Such As It Was, Is Over

I don't normally tell people how I voted. But since the Democratic Primary in the State of Michigan is a non-event as I mentioned the other day, and the Democratic National Committee, the Michigan Democratic Committee and the State of Michigan all don't give a damn about whether my vote should count, I'll tell you.

I Voted For Obama

Whether I intend to vote for Mr. Obama isn't the point -- he wasn't on the ballot. The choices were like Hillary Clinton, Richardson (who dropped out) and that Dennis K. guy. The powers that be wanted those who didn't like these choices to vote for Uncommitted Delegates. Right -- I protest the lame ballot by giving that self-same party the right to have Uncommitted Delegates? Ones which the national party says they won't seat at the convention anyway?

Sorry -- I have a right to mark my ballot for a Write In candidate, whether you say you're going to count it or not. So I did and put Mr. Obama's name down. Which means my ballot was spoiled.

The End

Michigan should never have played games with the primary system. The state's actions discounted my vote and I denied it being used not on my behalf.


Dr. Phil

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