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Second Sale of the Year


In battling my "spring" cold -- okay so it's officially weird for WMU to call January in West Michigan Spring Semester -- I neglected to mention my second sale of the year. My very short story "Giant Cicadas and Other Odd Indignities" has been picked up for Southern Fried Weirdness Online for a token payment. This was originally my Week 4 story at the 2004 Clarion workshop, where it crashed and burned -- I think most everyone hated it for one reason or another. But when I saw there was a market called Southern Fried Weirdness, I realized I knew what I had to do to this story and that I figured it could find a home there -- and I was right. (grin)

Should be up in about two weeks -- I'll be posting all the good details when they come.

Y'all take care now, y'heah?

Dr. Phil
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