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Home Again

I'm Confused

This weekend was High Voltage ConFusion, a SF/F/H con held at the Troy MI Marriott Hotel in mid-January. I've been a number of times and always look forward to it -- they do a great job of organizing the weekend. But of course I was worried that my cold would make it impossible, or at least foolish given the sudden frigid cold snap. Other than forgetting to bring a full box of Real Sudafed, the cold did okay and is slowly going away. (grin)

The Guesties:

* Scott Westerfeld and Justine Larbalestier, Author Guests of Honor
* Carl Lundgren, Art Guest of Honor
* Kevin M. Dunn, Science Guest of Honor
* Throwing Toasters, Music Guest of Honor
* The Roving Pirate Party, Fan Guests of Honor
* John Scalzi, Toastmaster

I've been running into John Scalzi at ConFusion for years and he was a delightful Toastmaster, amusing everyone with tall tales as way of introductions at the opening ceremonies. Scott Westerfeld and Justine Larbalestier are both currently writing YA SF and Fantasy, respectively, and are married to each other, despite coming from opposite ends of the planet. John is billing Scott as "the most influential science fiction writer of the first decade of the twenty-first century" -- and the sales of his four-book trilogy which begins with Uglies have topped the two million mark. Justine started off studying SF history and fandom, and describes herself as having "gone native."

Other Notables

I got to meet Canadian Suzanne Church, who I'd heard of and sometimes read her LJ blog at canadiansuzanne because she was in the 2005 Clarion South class in Brisbane and later in 2005 was published in the same anthology I made my first sale to, Northwest Passages: A Cascadian Odyssey. Scott Westerfield was one of her Clarion South instructors. See? This is why it is good for authors and new writers to go to cons -- everyone is connected to everyone in this business. (grin)

Other people of note include Jim C. Hines, Tobias Buckell, Kark Schroeder, Violette Malan (who went through three iterations of name cards for the panels she was on before getting one with her first name spelled right -- grin), editors Jim Frenkel, Patrick Nielsen Hayden and Mike Resnick, and of course my 2004 Clarion classmate Al Bogdan.

ConFusion was also running two rooms, one of anime and one of B-movies featuring episodes of Mystery Science Theatre 3000... spent several enjoyable hours over the weekend watching, laughing and making smart remarks with the robots. (grin) In previous years the anime and film rooms were off in a corner of the convention center part of the hotel, which is fine in the middle of the day. But this year they had them on the 15th floor on the other side of the elevator from the ConSuite, which meant that snacks were close by. I thought it worked out really well.

But it's late now. Perhaps I'll write more details about some of the sessions later. Or not.

Dr. Phil

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